Cozy Creekside Cabin Situated in the Forest


This cedar cabin blends in beautifully with the surrounding redwood forest. With high ceiling living space, the cabin is perfect for small families or couples. Its rustic charm combines with all the comforts of a cozy home.  Located in California, between Geurneville, the Russian River and the Sonoma coast, there is plenty to explore around the vicinity from wine tasting to engaging in a variety of outdoor adventures like cycling up King’s Ridge and canoeing down the river.  In order to see the real rustic interior of this beautiful cabin, look at the images below: Charming living room with plenty of views of the forest outside.


The rustic beauty of dining room with plenty of views of the forest outside, makes it quite attractive.


This Creekside cabin has a dream kitchen with a dream view through the windows. This beautiful rustic kitchen is enough to fulfil your needs.


The bedroom of this cozy cabin is another wonder of rustic beauty. The bedroom is very charming and inviting as you can see in the image below. This rustic bedroom is the best to have a good deep sleep.


You can also enjoy a cup of tea sitting on a chair in the porch and having a great view of the tress.


Last but not the least is the outdoor seating area. This cabin will never cease to amaze you. Apart from the stunningly beautiful rustic interior, the outdoor is not less than a treat. The outside area has ample seating to enjoy the nature.


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