How to Make Your Home Look Like a Log Cabin – A Step by Step Guide


Give your home\’s exterior the facade of a charming log cabin to reflect the natural beauty found outdoors. Incorporate rustic design elements, such as natural wood, genuine rock and hammered metal, to generate the authentic look and feel of a real log home. Substitute budget-friendly faux materials in lieu of natural elements to provide genuine cabin appeal without the hefty price tag.

Step 1

Cover your home\’s exterior with real or imitation log siding to set the backdrop for your log cabin look. Acquire a professional to complete this remodelling task if you don\’t feel comfortable tackling it by yourself.


Step 2

Accent your log-clad exterior with stone. Incorporate large river rock as a design element to cover up your existing front porch pillars or wrap your exterior fireplace chimney with decorative stone. Use flagstone to build a charming pathway to your front door. Choose economical faux stone over natural rock if your prefer.


Step 3

Construct a front porch onto the front of your home using wide wooden planks for the floor. Build a rail around the porch to add a cozy country feel. Use actual logs for the handrails supported by hammered wrought-iron spindles to complement the earthy log-cabin style. Top the porch with a metal roof for rustic aesthetic appeal that also provides welcome shade on a sunny day.


Step 4

Choose a rustic wood front door to visually boost the woodsy cabin appeal. Doors that incorporate carved animal motifs and metal hardware with a weathered finish are especially appropriate for the nature-inspired entrance, as well as adding another layer of rustic flair to your home\’s exterior.


Step 5

Install lodge-style lighting fixtures to the front of your home to provide decorative and functional illumination. Hang a pair of burnished bronze sconces beside your front door and light up the pathway to your home\’s entryway with matching lantern posts. Mission-design light fixtures, which were popular in the 1940s, complement log-cabin style and often include wildlife motifs for added rustic appeal.


Step 6

Accessorize your front porch to increase the nature-inspired ambiance. Decorate the porch with rustic lodge-style accessories, such as old rowboats, pots of colourful flowers, fishing items, Adirondack chairs, antique carts, weathered winter sports equipment and old benches. The addition of a few cabin-style accessories enhances the rustic exterior of your home.


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