Small cabins like this one from Cabana Village are great for creating that extra space you need without having to spend a ton of money. These log cabin kits take only days to assemble, but they will last a lifetime of use. 

The log cabin kits only cost $29,500 and the company includes all of the materials for the specific cabin ordered which you then assemble yourself on your own land. They include sandwich paneling that has calcium silicate boards on the outside, and on the inside cement is used, also known as EPS which is Expanded polystyrene and sand. These log cabin kits come together to create both dynamic and super durable materials that are wonderful to build your log cabin kits that can last a lifetime.

The log cabin plans are cozy, simple, and stylish looking and have great ceiling height with lots of windows to let in plenty of natural light from outside. This not only helps to keep the log cabin kits get warm from the sun but also to cut down on electricity costs for light use in the small cottage homes. There is also a beautiful deck at the front of the log cabin which expands the smaller interior space. Although these log cabin kits are small, they are great for a couple or a single person to use as a vacation recreation property.

Sometimes you don’t need any more than a bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen to enjoy some time away. Or the log cabin kits can be used as rental properties as another form of income or as a guest suite on your property. Many people use these small cabins as home offices or home gyms. They also make great artists studios as well. Each of the cabin kits can be modified to suit the customer’s needs and style too. Also, the customer can paint or stain the cabin any colour or shade they like to make it more their own.